November 2013: Repairs on 5.000 ski jackets

In November 2013, Berry Services receives 5.000 ski jackets, on the behalf of a famous brand of children’s clothes. On these jackets, the armpit stitches are coming apart. To allow the repairs, one must sew the lining open, repair the armpit, then sew it back closed. These operations represent roughly 800 hours of sewing.

November 2013: Reconditioning of 16.000 shirts, in the nick of time for Christmas!

For a Christmas operation, a mass-market retailer ordered 16.000, each in a single gift-wrapped box. Upon delivery, it’s a mess: the shirts had been packed when they were still damp when leaving Bangladesh, and now show musty stains. It was time for Berry Service to intervene: the shirts must be recovered, brushed to remove every single stain, and sent back to the client. In record time (roughly, a week), Berry Services gets through 1.000 hours of work, and everything is ready for Christmas: a relief for a client, who shall not miss this most important commercial time.

October 2013: 10.000 polo shirts readjusted in only one month

Berry Services received a huge lot of 10.000 polo shirts, with faulty buttonholes, by the manufacturer of a prestigious brand. To readjust all these polo shirts was to be a complex and very technical task: very skilled needlepersons were called upon. All in all, this operation lasted for 2.500 hours of work, which were done in only a month.

June 2013: Purchase of a button machine

The new electronic machine for the sewing of buttons allows operations on each and every model: classic buttons, with two or four holes, shank buttons, buttons with counter-buttons, rolled-up shank buttons. Thanks to this most fast machine, Berry Services can sew any kind of button, on any kind of cloth. Efficiency at a maximum, always in the shortest delays.

February 2013: 25.000 trousers smoothed out in three days

Upon delivery of a 25.000 pieces lot of trousers, a mass-market retailers records the damages: following a bad conditioning in China and one month of transportation in containers, the clothes are terribly crumpled, and unsalable in that state.
Berry Services took charge of everything, in the quickest way: first, they took the trousers to the warehouse and proceeded to a methodical unpacking, before putting the clothes through the smooth-out tunnel. Perfectly smoothed out, the trousers were ready to be reconditioned and delivered back to the retailer’s warehouse. Between the picking and the delivery, only one week passed.