Berry Services expands its services

Berry Services expands its services

Berry Services expands its services

Article : Journal du Textile N°2162, 19 March 2013

The company is developing a global logistics offer.

Berry Services is becoming a global logistics provider for the textile sector. Founded in 1998, the company is no longer satisfied with offering its customers only reconditioning and alterations services, but in fact now has the capacity to take delivery of items or store them, and pick and ship orders. To implement this new offer, Berry Services has doubled its warehouse space to 10,000 m² and signed a first contract with a lingerie brand to take delivery of and process some 750,000 items per year.

“We have deployed Texas Win software, a barcode reading system for order picking, and about 50 people work in our semi-mechanised warehouse”, says Jean-Claude Benéteau, the company's director. “Our ambition is to position ourselves as a benchmark provider to the French ready-to-wear sector in the field of logistics solutions and associated services.

Our goal is to double our turnover within three years”.

Two thirds of the new building is still available for new customers. The company also continues to provide value-added services.

As such, Berry Services recently collected 25,000 pairs of trousers from a large retailer's warehouse, completely crumpled and unsaleable, owing to poor packaging at production plants in China and more than a month of being transported in containers. After taking delivery of the items in its workshop, the company put them through its steam tunnel, which can process 1,500 items per hour, repackaged the trousers in parcels and finally delivered them to the retailer's warehouse. “For this assignment, Berry Services took care of everything, including the transport, taking all the hassle away from its customer. There was only a week between the 25,000 pairs of trousers being collected from and returned to the company's warehouse”, says Jean-Claude Benéteau.

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