Order preparations

Following the conditions stated of the order bill, we make the delivery, either at your warehouse, or directly at a shop.

Warehouse delivery: we condition the articles into parcels, with printed labels according to the clients specifications, on filmed pallets. They are delivered, if need be, on coat-hangers, with individual or collective hanging wardrobes. We take  care of the rendez-vous with the warehouse, we organise every step of transportation and articles follow-up. We also take care of writing the parcels list, according to the specifications.

Delivery at a shop or at a store: your articles are carefully stocked in boxes labelled with references, colours and sizes. Articles on coat-hangers are installed on a bar. We take the quantities necessary to your orders’ preparation, write  waybills and identification labels for the parcels, before sending them.

Computer data exchange: every data is transfered through a file, or directly via VPN. No manual capture is required.

Our system prevents almost every risk of error during preparation: every order is prepared by one person, then checked by another, who verifies the bar codes.

Your stock is updated automatically, you can check it up in real time. The waybills are edited directly from the informations on your order bills. Finally, for abroad orders, we take care of customs procedures.

Logistic system for online trade

You trade on the internet? We have a complete solution for your website’s management. The solution takes care of everything:

− articles reception;

− goods picking;

− orders preparation and delivery of parcels to the carrier;

− update of your stock and management of possible returns.

We also take care of stationery supplies (in particular regarding wrappings) and of transportation. Informations are sent directly to your site through a site, no manual capture is required.

For this service, we bill a fixed price, either apiece of to order, stocking expenses included.