Alterations and repairs

Our seasoned seamstresses know how to find the best solution to repair or alter your articles. They have a full range of sewing machines at their disposal:

− flat machine: mending of loose or missing stitches, and solidification of finishing stitches;

− whip-stitching machine: whip-stitch of flaps, after the article has been put to length;

− invisible heming machine: equipped with double plungers, this machine allows to mend the lower end of trousers, dresses or blouses. The stitches are totally invisible;

− stockings repairing machine: finishing touches for stockings made out of fragile and delicate fabric;

− finishing stitches: a programmable machine allows to make all kinds of finishinf stitches;

− covering stitches: for example, for the mending of the lower part of a sleeve;

− installation of rivets dans pressure buttons: installation of pressure buttons, eyelets, rivets, and so on, through every fabric, thanks to our pneumatic machine;

− installation of buttons: all kinds of buttons: two or four-holes, flat or shank, with counter-buttons or rolled-up shanks;

− buttonhole machine: creation of every kind of buttonhole, with our programmable machine;

− and, finally, hand alterations: threading of pearls, stitches mending: our team of workers from the clothing industry, make your articles as good as new.