Ten key dates for Berry Services

1998: Jean-Claude Benéteau creates the logistics entreprise Berry Services.

1999: Berry Services develops simultaneously between the ready-to-wear, luxury and mass-market retailing areas.

2001: New services and equipments complete the initial offer : ironing boards, steam-ironing dummies, sewing machine for alterations…

2003: Berry Services receives the Client Satisfaction Award, during the FATEX 2003 in Paris.

2005: The warehouse is being extended and modernized (with a pallet rack, a system of rail transport…). Berry Services receives the Prix Gazelle, awarded by the french Ministry for the Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises, for its growth rate  superior to 30%.

2006: Berry Services again receives the Prix Gazelle. It is also awarded the “Forces PME” Prize by the CGPME4

2007: Berry Services receives the prize of Logistic Innovation, awarded for the global offer to the ready-to-wear market professionnals.

2010: Acquisition of a smooth-out tunnel, highly efficient and of high capacity (1 000 articles per hour).

2012: Berry Services builds another stocking hall, with a surface area of 1 700 m²,on three levels. The stocking capacity is thus doubled, with this new surface entirely devoted to preparing the orders.

2014: Berry Services gets a facelift, with a brand new logo, a new image and a new website.